Personal data

Born on 22th of September 1988 in Weimar
Nationality German
Height 6 ft 0.4 in
Weight 187.4 lbs
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Green-blue-brown
Clothing size 50

Housing options

Berlin, Bavaria, Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony, Vienna


1999 to 2008 Fichte-Gymnasium Krefeld, Abschluss: Abitur


2008 to 2010 Studied History / English at the University of Duisburg-Essen (canceled due to the beginning of the drama school)
02/2010 to 02/2014 Drama trainig at the Schauspielschule Siegburg (drama school)
17th of February 2014 Successfully passed as an actor of dramatic arts


2017 „Aussicht auf Mord“ by W. Kramer; directed by Wolfgang Kramer
Role: Olaf Kurz
Krimidinner Entertainment GmbH:
2017 „Der Teufel der Rennbahn“ by A. Stamm; direct ed by Christian Quitschke
Roles: Palmer, Howard Trent
2015/16 „Ein Leichenschmauß“ by A. Stamm; directed by Hajo Förster
Role: Peter Ross
2015-2017 „Die Jagd vom schwarzen Moor“ by A. Stamm; directed by Hajo Förster
Role: Alan Campbell
Hazy Hartlieb Entertainment Group:
2014 „Mord im Hotel“ by H. Hartlieb; directed by Hazy Hartlieb
Roles: Lord Percy Eatonborough, Sir Angus Mc Dermond, Prajit
2014 „Das Schreckensschloss“ by H. Hartlieb; directed by Hazy Hartlieb
Roles: Lord Samuel Handsworth, Ebenezer Smith
Studiobühne Siegburg:
2013 „Frau Hegnauer kommt“ by L. Stadler; Group on their own
Role: Lorenz
2013 „Glaube Liebe Hoffnung“ by Ö. v. Horvath; directed by Sarah Kortmann
Role: Inspector General, Accountant and 3. Bobby
2013 „Ladies Night“ by S. Sinclair and A. McCarten; directed by René Wedeward
Role: Norman
2012 „Bonnie and Clyde“ by T. Richhardt; Group on their own
Roles: Buck Barrow, Ted Hinton, Mr. Butcher, Bob Alcorn and policeman
2012 „Balkonszenen“ by J. v. Düffel; directed by René Böttcher
Role: Man with wife in his ear
2011 „Perfect Wedding“ by R. Hawdon; directed by René Böttcher
Role: Dupont
2011 „Die Frau by Früher“ by R. Schimmelpfennig; Group on their own
Role: Claudio/a
2010 „The Cold Heart“ by W. Hauff; directed by René Böttcher
Role: Dutch Michel
Fichte-Gymnasium Krefeld (Theatre Project Group):
2009 „The Crucible“ by A. Miller
Role: Pastor Parris
2008 „The Importance of Being Earnest“ by O. Wilde
Role: Reverend Chasuble
2007 „The Mousetrap“ by A. Christie
Role: Sergeant Trotter


2017 „Mein Anderer“; directed by David Lange
Role: Basti
2016/2017 Projects on my own as an actor, director and author
2016 „Unter Uns“; Regie: Christian Singh, Florian Mangelsdorf
Role: medical student
2015 „Mörderische Kollegen“; Regie: Markus Sehr
Role: Waiter
2015 „Der Lehrer“ Season 4, Episode 8 + 10; directed by Sebastian Sorger
Role: Nurse
2015 „Paula“; directed by Christian Schwochow
Role: Museum attendant
2015 „LMA“; directed by Jakob Harms
Role: Michael
2015 „A Cure for Wellness“ directed by Gore Verbinski
Role: Construction worker
2014 „Haloperidolum“ by P. Fait and R. Lüüs; directed by Hacer Can
Role: Mr. Meier
2014 „Geschichte Südwest“ Episode 5; directed by Saskia Weisheit
Role: Chemical worker at BASF
2014 „Bhaiyya“; directed by Habiba Mohtadi
Role: Jens
2013 „Die Nacht“; directed by David Lange
Role: Aron
2013 „Diagnose Cowwidinok“; directed by John Bock
Roles: Rabbit, Prisoner, Melancholic, Husband, Christian Katzorke, Dr. Doc Bob, Investigator, Farmer and Lackey


2014 Scenic readings and presentations in the Bundeskunsthalle

Linguistic proficiency

German Native language
English Very well
Spanish Basic


Since 2012 WingTsun
Siegburg, 5th of September 2015